Sunday, December 23, 2018

Business Specialist Kevin Verpaele is Also a Family Man

Kevin Verpaele

While Kevin Verpaele in college, he already was married and raising a child, and he would, with coach’s permission, leave practice early and, in full uniform and padding, pick up his daughter from day care. As a man of commitment, Kevin Verpaele always returned to practice with his teammates, and he was honored to be named captain of the football team in his senior season. Upon graduation, Kevin moved his family into a home in Melbourne, in Brevard County.

For more than 15 years, Kevin Verpaele has accumulated a significant amount of work experience in some very interesting and diverse areas. Following college, Kevin Verpaele worked as a configuration manager on the Space Lift Range Systems at Patrick Air Force Base. In more recent years, he acquired and currently runs Critter Ridders Pest Control in Brevard County. That company offers a wide range of pest prevention and remediation services to residential and commercial properties throughout the county, and the services include prices anyone can afford.