Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kevin Verpaele and Critter Ridders Pest Control

Kevin Verpaele

Illinois-born and Florida-raised Kevin Verpaele didn’t come into business ownership through a conventional route. Rather, this man spent many years working in data configuration management, fatherhood and other roles -- including a youth career in football -- that eventually led to a desire to conduct work for himself.

Verpaele became a father at a young age, just following his graduation from Merritt Island High School in Florida. And although he was embarking upon parenthood, he didn’t let up from his goals at the time -- football. Strong performances on the field throughout high school led to a football scholarship to the University of South Florida. The young parent still followed through, attending USF alongside his girlfriend and with his newborn daughter in tow.

The couple resided off campus, growing as parents while working and, for Kevin Verpaele, playing football. That was a significant focus during the USF years despite attaining an invaluable education. Verpaele’s wife -- whom he married during sophomore year -- graduated and moved into dermatological nursing. The young family continued to blossom with a second child during Verpaele’s senior year at USF then four more to follow in the years through 2016. Verpaele moved into configuration management work at Patrick Air Force Base after graduation. Gaining many years of experience under his belt, he recently decided to take on an endeavor for himself -- business ownership. Now, Verpaele offers a variety of pest prevention services to Brevard County and beyond in Florida through Critter Ridders Pest Control.